Website für den Kulturmarkt, ein einzigartiger Kulturbetrieb im Zürcher Kreis 3: Ein Veranstaltungshaus mit Restaurant, das Stellensuchenden eine zeitlich befristete Arbeitsmöglichkeit bietet. Konzept & Text: Eva Eidenbenz, Bereichsleiterin Kommunikation, Kulturmarkt Webdesign & Realisation: motiondraw   > www.kulturmarkt.ch  Read More


An der Gruppenausstellung "Druckgut* in Winterthur zeigte ich erstmals 25 Radierungen aus dem Zyklus "rund um d'Rigi". Videodoku ansehen(4 Minuten) Jedes Motiv ist  auch einzeln erhältlich. Masse 47.5 x 47.5 cm (circa) Papier Büttenkarton, 350 gr/m Auflage 15 Preis 380 Fr. inkl. Versand und 2 Magneten für eine rahmenlose Hängung Bestellung webweber@motiondraw.com   [mehr: ...Read More


  Commissioned by DRUCKATELIER JAEGGLI & MOZZINI I produced two short video documentaries:   "Meine erste Radierung. Eine Anleitung in 17 Schrittchen." is a step-by-step introduction into the creation of dry-point intaglio prints. View Video     "Drucktag" captures the atmosphere of the group at work in the ...Read More


  A  lean website for a sports services startup: www.projektathleten.ch Concept, realization, animation: motiondraw Read More


      Fast, intuitive and fully responsive website for architecture studio www.quade-architects.ch   concept and layout: una werbeagentur ag technical realization: motiondraw Read More


A totally new skin for colltex, the leading ski skins from the swiss alps: http://www.colltex.ch Fast, easy to maintain in 4 languages, fully responsive. concept and layout: una werbeagentur ag technical realization: motiondraw     Read More


New website for Eternit (Schweiz) AG, the leading manufacturer of cement composite for cladding facades and roofs www.swisspearl.ch Challenge Recreate the vast corporate website as part of a comprehensive rebranding effort.  Lead with vision and determination by Eternit's relentless head of architecture and ...Read More


A good user interface is like an attentive guide: it anticipates where I want to go and is half a step ahead of me when taking me there. I had this image in mind when thinking of how to improve the ...Read More


Over the past 25 years, Italian-born Andrea Savini has photographed some of the biggest names in the worlds of fashion and celebrity, picking up several major prizes on the way, including Spain’s most prestigious press award, FotoPress, and the Silver ...Read More


  A new webpage for the garden and furniture products by eternit, in another great collaboration with unaidea Based on the principles of  'responsive design', this site adapts to any screensize from large desktop to mobile, with special consideration of the tablet/iPad. The ...Read More


A new website for photographer and artist Catherina Ziessler. Her unique style combines a vigorously conceptual approach with a great sense of humour and shows an acute sensitivity for color and composition. We opted for a minimalist, unobtrusive stage to showcase her ...Read More


Our latest short-movies 'Following my intuition' and 'Black Light' will be shown Thursday, June 28 at Limmatstrasse 47, Zürich - find the details in the flyer. Looking forward to see you there! As always, our movies are also available on our website.   Read More


Currently showing 'chinese-soul' on a 46" flatscreen at Grafik12, the show for graphic design and young art. Still till Sunday March 4, 2012,in the Maag Event Hall, at the foot the Prime Tower in Zurich. Looking forward to meeting you ...Read More


Focusing on animation movies 'without a story' visarte zürich and sihlquai55 screen an interesting selection from a wide range of artistic positions on March 11. Curated by Myriam Thyes who also moderates the discussion. See the full program for details. Silvana Savini and ...Read More


We are pleased to announce that www.chinese-soul.com (view site)  has received accolades and web-design awards from a number of institutions: 'Site of the day' (SOTD) award from thefwa.com aka 'The Oscars of Webdesign' 'Best of Swiss Web', category 'creation', silver award bestofswissweb.ch 'Webpick' in  'Communication ...Read More


A concise website based on a clear metaphor to present the small, well-established firm and its trustee/book-keeping services. Concept, Text, Design Marianne Zweifel, www.zweifel.gl Roland Hess, www.herrhess.ch Webdesign, Realisation Andreas Weber, www.motiondraw.com Fotos Pascale Landert, www.landert-photo.com Urs Heer, heerurs@bluewin.ch Managed by zweifel.gl, Marianne Zweifel visit www.unirevisa.ch Read More


When presenting a music production, how can we have the focus on the music and still create a visually engaging experience? This question is at the core of my new Flash website for the CD production "Travelogue - Chinese Soul" by Jazz musician, Berkelee alumnus and old friend Werner Fischer. Werner and his chinese ...Read More


  When you are printing while you are outside of the art market, paper is quickly piling up around you and you start wondering: why am I using a reproduction technique that was invented to make editions, to create copies? Another question ...Read More


Recently I had the opportunity to print a drypoint plate that I had worked on in the mid 90ties: "The big roll" is a large copper-plate, 1 meter wide and more than 6 meters long - the foto above shows it ...Read More

Blind scroll

A hermetic object from around 1994.  With the same printing press that I used for dry-point engravings, the heavy, humid paper was first stamped ("blind embossing") with a text in Braille, the tactile writing system for the blind. Several sheets were stitched together. ...Read More


A series of multipart prints, resuming some previous ideas and techniques and taking them further. Key concepts: Emergence - "emergence is the way complex systems and patterns arise out of a multiplicity of relatively simple interactions" (Wikipedia) Variations of the circe theme. 'Pars pro ...Read More


  After an early period of experimentation in various printing techniques, I focused on the drypoint. Instead of thick Zinc plates, ideal for etching, I started using the softer copper. I found using the heavy, expensive plates quite inhibiting - to avoid ...Read More


In the 1990ties I was a regular at the gravure printing studio of the Art Academy (ZHdK, a.k.a "Kunschti"), tutored by Aldo Mozzini, Nicola Jaeggli and others. After a brief exploration of some of the principal intaglio techniques I focused on ...Read More


palliative ch is the swiss association of over 2000 palliative care professionals and institutions. On a technical level the main goals of the relaunch of the website were make the content editable for the client, over time there will probably be several groups of ...Read More


ursisyoga.ch is a new Flash-Site for Yogateacher Ursi Zweifel. Ursi is a dedicated follower of 'Viniyoga', where each excercise is adapted to the person, not the other way round. Concept, text: Marianne Zweifel Screendesign: Kate Isler Flash/ActionScript by yours truly Read More


Brave new globalized world: I, a webdeveloper based in Switzerland, collaborate in 'real time' in a political campaign in the antipodean parts of the globe - and it feels perfectly normal. GetUp! is an independent political movement to build a progressive ...Read More


In view of its upcoming 10-year anniversary, the Tüftellabor Zürich commisioned me with the creation of a new website. Founded by the visionary Martin Flüeler and generously funded by a patron with a passion for new, holistic ideas, the groundbreaking TüLab, ...Read More


These 4 works are from July 2009. Bigger Pictures are avalable here. Auf dem Tisch in der Raummitte ein kreisförmiger, beidseitig bedruckter Bildstreifen: "360° - innen und aussen" Die Aussenseite zeigt ein Serie von Brustbildern eines sitzenden Mannes, der sich um die eigene ...Read More


My mother takes pride in sending up to 100 handwritten seasons greeting cards each year - so I guess that my longstanding interest in greeting-cards is genetic. My first large Flash/Actionscript project, dating back to the last millenium, was an editor ...Read More


The line generalization I had blogged about some time ago caught the attention of the makers of today's arguably coolest online drawing  application - myoats.com. They asked me to add the line-smoothing  and to provide a mechanism that allows the users to easily edit the strokes by dragging control ...Read More


Innovex.ch, the swiss daughter of Quintiles Transnational, is a leading service provider for the pharmaceutical industry. Now setting sail with a simple and airy webpage. Concept, screendesign and texts by unaidea.ch, interaction- and sounddesign, programming by me. [Update April 2010] In the course ...Read More


A brand-new website for Basel based communications agency 'una'. Focused on highlighting the power of ideas in promoting the client's business. Bold, vigorously minimalistic and a tad aggressive. Kate Isler: Screendesign Achim Doetsch: Text Andreas Weber: Programming, Interaction-, Motion- and Sounddesign www.unaidea.ch Read More


I have the pleasure to give a lecture on the use of Flash and Photoshop in the postproduction of StopMotion movies. It takes place at the ZHdK (Zürcher Hochschule der Künste), in Tobi Hobi's course 'Animation und plastisches Gestalten' The course files, ...Read More


  Update March 2013: the original Flash website mentioned in this post has been replaced, but it is still accessible in our archive   The garden division of Eternit (Switzerland) AG, lead by Daniel Hauri, decided to further emphasize the design competency of ...Read More


Copywriter Marianne Zweifel edits her profile and portfolio on freelancerportal.ch, affording her the ease of use of a user-friendly CMS. Her own domain, zweifel.gl used to be a mere redirect and remained invisible. This desideratum in her personal branding strategy prompted her to contact me. Together we ...Read More


Impressed by the immaculate beauty of 3d vectors, I've been impatient to use Mathieu Badimons FIVe3d in an actual project. So I was very excited, when Eva Eidenbenz from the 'Fachstelle für Gleichstellung' (office for gender equality) of the City of Zurich asked me ...Read More


The update focuses on the new adhesive ct40. One of its surprising characteristics: it builds up its adhesive power under pressure. We asked ourselves how we can share this experience with the users of the website and came up with this interactive ...Read More


A pure Flashsite to showcase the Basel based architectural firm quade-architects.ch Together with Kate Isler from www.unaidea.ch Read More


Yesterday the portfolio site for visual artist and Yoga teacher Gerda Tobler went online: Due to a really tight budget we opted for a HTML solution, with a sprinkle of PHP for the main navigation. For once Flash is only used for ...Read More


In 2002 Silvana and I had the opportunity to  spend a week in Tokyo and make a day trip to Yokohama. We were shown around by Alberto, Silvana's cousin. He is an architect and university professor who lives in Japan ...Read More


I'm very happy to announce that a couple of days ago our new website colltex.com went online: colltex is the leading brand for ski skins - check out the Sevice > Video section to find out what this is all about and how ...Read More


Today Silvana and I submitted three 10 second Stop-Animation Movies to the 'minimotion' Film Festival. Have a look at the movies here.       Update: more than 100 works have been submitted. Our movie 'Countup' was shortlisted and came in 5th! Read More


This Wednesday I have the pleasure to give a short presentation at the Meeting of the Swiss Flash User Group (SFUG) in Zürich. Switzerland has 4 official languages and most Websites are created in several languages - as a webdeveloper I tried to ...Read More


[Update June 2011: the technique outlined here was used in several projects, e.g. www.whenithinkofjapan.org and www.mindreader.motiondraw.com] Scenario I A simple shape tween of a box that morphs into a circle. Would be nice if we could add an elastic easing... Scenario II A special ...Read More


I don't remember when I did this multipart drypoint print - must have been in the late nineties. The small 'prelude' on the left consists of 6 'tiles', the main piece on the right consists of 14 x 7 = 98 tiles. While ...Read More


Looking at the photos from our trip to Beijing and Shanghai (Mai 2007), Silvana asked me what I thought about making a stencil print of this picture: (click on thumbnails to view bigger image) It displays a lotos pattern on the floor in ...Read More


  View fotos   A series of 8 paintings. Stencil print over ink, each 57 x 77 cm The ink paintings are about 2 years old and were the result of an experiment gone wrong. A tiny little bit of black ink was diluted in a ...Read More


  View fotos   Metamorphosis - since a long time I'm fascinated by shape morphs - one shape gradually transforming, 'morphing' into another shape. I wrote a program that accepts a set of characters as input and that will, informed by various parameters, create hybrid ...Read More


A way to reduce the number of points to describe graphical shapes and to get nice, smooth lines. Implements Lang Simplification and McMaster's Slide Averaging Algorithm. Try the demo: Line Generalization AS2 (developed and published originally in 2005) Update: AS3 version of the core classes ...Read More


You'll find this spline function useful, whenever you want to connect a number of points with a nice, smooth curve instead of a jaggy series of straight lines, as it will interpolate the missing points in between (sorry for this perfectly un-mathematical description ...Read More


Leaving apart the special case of radial gradients, in Flash it is basically not possible to draw a gradient with 4 different colors in its 4 corners - it's either a horizontal or a vertical gradient, but not both dimensions at the ...Read More