Yesterday the portfolio site for visual artist and Yoga teacher Gerda Tobler went online:


Due to a really tight budget we opted for a HTML solution, with a sprinkle of PHP for the main navigation. For once Flash is only used for the nuemerous image galleries. After I had prepared the navigation, the layout-templates and the CSS styles, this gave Gerda the possibilty to contribute a lot to the creation of the site. Not only by preparing the vast image material and the texts, but actually editing many pages herself.

The structural and visual simplicity gives Gerda’s beautiful artwork a discrete, neutral frame.
Apart from informing about new exhibitions and courses, the site serves mainly as an archive and portfolio for Gerda’s work, created in more than 20 years as an artist and illustrator.
We knew that the site was growing rapidly, but it came as a mild shock to both of us when a couple of days ago we realized that the site now consists of more than 1700 files – plenty of beautiful things to discover!