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" Grass . In addition to various sister-in-law at home not born male baby sister gave birth to the other two, and this basil three sisters more obedient, well-behaved and sensible, he is to figure out why this father and mother so despise them. "Fool fool . The next day, Xu basil got up early, they went out to see their daily door is not no second door step sister-wear to the nines in one hand and a freshly cooked eggs sitting in front of the peel, and that to the whole crushing eggshells main room lost, but lost two eggshell everywhere. . "Old people also died there do not even clean a go wash rice, cook a meal, do not you remember the four parts.

Fortuneteller said, Xu L is a blessed future is a high official, and his two sons are also lucky, but because this house out of a jinx, the two children before the age of twelve in addition to such a cluster of pigtail can not stay outside of excess hair, which Alex trusted that old fortune-teller, and then when we say the text produced by Meier is a male baby, the whole family is in guarding the door, the results really gave birth to a male baby, the first time that it would be to their hair shaved, leaving only the middle of it a small cluster, that small cluster of nine years and now with the big treasure, two treasure six years, had not shaved. "Mother, you are doing this, that is not the sister-in-law a few days does not light up on the work, the number of children is a long body, to give them food that you eat to stay. This tone, saying that endure high. Then she went straight to the kitchen, but the kitchen in addition to the empty bowl empty bowl even a cabbage leaf see. Xu basil moment, eyeball kept turning from time to time in the three of them looked at him, concludes: "You three are a nest?" But ask them and think it is wrong, that if their nest that the mother is half human, half demon, or be given on a pig, and only two had a pig, No no no, the more they want, the more feel derail the .

Porcelain earth are full of debris, mixed with soup and rice, also braved the billowing steam." Is less than half the time of incense in the past, this time Liu Xu was getting mad, the big treasure hand twisted ears, making money hand twisted Xu ear crackling condemn. nfl jerseys cheap china,cheap nfl jerseys cheap china,wholesale nfl jerseys cheap china,nike nfl jerseys cheap china Is too small She remembers that day in the woods and met her the joke, but she also knew black pig, roast suckling pig not eating it because it's kick ass, vaguely remember it was a deafening roar, but that man as immortal as very strange, but then think they are a group, Xu basil will no longer enjoy it up." However, this matchmaker foot stride yet, Liu is so she rushed over as the Tigers, claimed a matchmaker in the hands of the basket, such as nursing chick like that will protect the basket in his arms, a pair of wrinkled old head some jitter, eye bottom but occasionally looked at the basket on top of that layer of red cloth, and seems to see through that layer of cloth that red basket filled with what things. "Kick are played, but also not a kick back?" Of course, she is not any punches fancy rounding pinch flat, and moreover, this is on the market, the street, pedestrians coming and going, she can not believe that they can on how she is.

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