palliative ch is the swiss association of over 2000 palliative care professionals and institutions.


On a technical level the main goals of the relaunch of the website were

  • make the content editable for the client, over time there will probably be several groups of editiors involved
  • the layout must be totally customizable  
  • offer a framework which will allow the regional sections of the association to use the national website as a starting point for the integration of their webpresence, empowering them to update content themselves.

Obviously only a powerful Content Management System (CMS) can meet these requirements. After evaluating several systems we opted for Typo3, the main reasons being

  • well established in Europe, with plenty of developers, forums and support options
  • feature-rich and ‘mighty’
  • advanced rights-management for editors
  • good multi-language support
  • powerful template-building allows the implementation of just about any HTML/CSS Layout/Design 

 We never looked back and were totally satisfied with the choice of Typo3: we could meet the requirements easily, Typo3 really lived up to its reputation to be ‘the Rolls-Royce among the CMS’. Or better said: Typo3 is like a gigantic construction kit with which you can build  a table, a bicycle, a Rolls-Royce, a space ship – if you have the know-how and the time.

Here are some ‘lessons learned’

  • when they say it takes a month of learning to get the basics of Typo3, they mean it. Years of experience in programming will serve you little to get your head around the idiosyncratic TypoScript 
  • when odd ‘internal server error’-messages start popping up it’s probably time to migrate to an ISP that is specialized in hosting Typo3 projects
  • yes, you can solve this problem with Typo3 – and the solution is probably surprisingly simple

concept and design: Kate Isler & Achim Doetsch of una
text: palliative ch